Senior Maintenance Technician

Experience and knowledge Includes at least 4 of the following:

  • Pump repair. Ability to strip various pumps (centrifugal, magnetic, diaphragms) apart and repair them. Experience with properly installing pumps and motors. Includes alignment and setting clearances and use of mechanical seals.
  • Piping. Experience with plumbing using PVC, carbon steel and stainless steel. Understand how to install various elements such as valves, flanges, and gaskets with proper support.
  • Pneumatic. Experience with compressed air, Nitrogen, and other gases. As well as, understanding solenoids, actuating valves, and regulators with ability to fix them.
  • Hydraulic. Experience with hydraulic systems, pumps, valves, and regulators.
  • Electro-mechanical. Experience and knowledge of components such as servos, valves, etc.
  • Troubleshooting. Experience of stepping through a sequence to determine issue and then find solution.
  • Welding. Experience and ability to weld on carbon, stainless and hastelloy metals.

General Job Duties Include:

  • Installing equipment to support the operations department.
  • Troubleshooting and resolving problems to sustain and improve production.
  • Conducting general maintenance and PMs on equipment
  • Taking ownership of your area of the plant.
  • Working well with any other plant personnel.
  • Operating forklift, manlifts and other equipment as required.
  • Using the right tools for the job.
  • Planning work so right supplies and tools are available for effective, accurate and efficient work.
  • Tracking activities using the maintenance work order system

This job requires significant mobility and some strength needed as indicated below:

  • Climbing up to 40 feet on piping and railings.
  • Lifting and carrying up to 50 pounds of equipment/ tools, etc…
  • Stooping and bending for extended periods of time to access equipment for repair.
  • This job requires an individual to be on their feet for essentially 10 hours at a time. Performance must result in no injuries to anyone, and high quality, detailed work.

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