Custom Manufacturing Services

Optima is the ideal partner to assist in the development of your new chemical.

It may be that you need a reliable second source or you may want a new chemical entity secure in the knowledge that this will be done confidentially for you. In either case Optima is the ideal partner.

With our full service abilities from laboratory, kilo lab and Pilot Plant to full scale-manufacturing, we have the ability to design and scale-up new products specifically for you.

We possess particular expertise in organometallic chemistry, and any chemistry that uses reactive and sensitive materials.

We know how to make chemicals safely at scale and our route development reflects that from the outset, overseen by experienced chemists and engineers throughout.

If you already have a technical package or IP, then we can help implement that quickly and safely with you being secure in the knowledge that your IP is safe.

Extensive Capabilities

Areas of Specialization

  • Highly reactive, high energy chemistry
  • Water, heat, air sensitive
  • Pyrophoric
  • Metal handling (Magnesium, Lithium, Sodium, Potassium, Zinc)
  • Organometallic reactions
  • Boranes and boronic acids
  • Phosphorus Chemistry
  • Organosilicon chemistry

The Optima Advantage

  • Industrially experienced chemists

  • Process engineering expertise

  • Broad engineering expertise in general

  • Modern laboratories

  • Kilo laboratory

  • Analytical laboratories

  • Pilot Plant