Development Services

Optima is an ideal fit to optimize your unique business, product or process.

Let Optima help you develop your business, product or process. Whether you are looking for some short term assistance or a long term partner, our diverse services and structure are an ideal fit.

At Optima, we are just as keen to help a start-up, an entrepreneur or an established business. If we have expertise or facilities that you can benefit from then please talk to us. We understand the importance of a helping hand and we offer ours to you.

Optima Advantage benefits many companies through its:

  • Industrially experienced chemists

  • Process engineering expertise

  • Broad engineering expertise

  • Modern laboratories

  • Kilo Laboratory

  • Analytical laboratories

  • Pilot Plant

  • Manufacturing expertise

How can Optima help you?

  • Need to run a thorough series of complex laboratory experiments? Optima Chemical can accommodate you.
  • Need some help with that next step from the lab to Pilot Plant? Optima Chemical has the answer.
  • Need to seed the market with a small quantity of material for testing or need a short-run, one-off supply? Optima Chemical will deliver.
  • Need expert guidance on safe scale-up? Put your confidence in Optima Chemical.


Got ideas? Let’s start a conversation about all the ways we can help develop your capabilities, your product, and your markets.