Black Mass Extraction – Lithium & Nickel

Lithium and Nickel Black Mass Extraction from spent ion batteries

Optima has a growing business from projects aligned to Energy storage. Our customers range from established players in the consumer space to entrepreneurs and start-ups with new technology for extracting metals such as lithium and nickel from spent batteries (black mass extraction). These technologies use processes including HCL leaching for extracting metals from Lithium ION Batteries, a hydrometallurgical process.

For battery materials, Optima’s cathode focused clients appreciate our skillset of handling metals, specifically Lithium, and more recently, Nickel. We work from Pilot Scale development through to commercial scale production and recovery, safely and in an environmentally secure way. Our anode focused clients appreciate our breadth of chemistry including organosilanes, and polymer production including the recycling of spent materials.

Nickel and Lithium Toll Processing for Energy Storage

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