Optima to Acquire and License FMC Lithium Product Lines

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Charles Hinnant, President, Charkit Chemical Corporation and Managing Member of
Optima Chemical Group LLC, joined with Gene Williams, President, Optima Chemical Group
LLC, in announcing that on December 1, 2009, Optima Chemical Group LLC, a Charkit
affiliate, has agreed to purchase and license selected lithium products from FMC Lithium.
In making the announcement, Mr. Williams said, “The lithium products are a logical
extension of offerings from Optima, extending our industry outreach. We have capabilities
in place to quickly and efficiently manufacture and market these products from our Georgia
facilities. Up to now, the bulk of our business has been concentrated in the contract
manufacturing of pharmaceutical intermediates and ligands for catalysts. Our recent
arrangement with FMC Lithium realizes an Optima goal of using our manufacturing
expertise to offer additional, compatible product lines to the marketplace.”
Mr. Hinnant stated, “The current Optima portfolio includes products that are targeted to
sophisticated pharmaceutical applications. The FMC Lithium ingredients that will now be
available through Optima include lithium aluminum hydride and lithium borohydride.
These represent a significant addition to Optima’s current leadership position in boronic
acids and other pharmaceutical offerings.”
Mr. Hinnant added that the lithium products now offered by Optima also include
alkyllithiums, aryllithiums, lithium amides and lithium alkoxides. He explained that the
lithium products would be available to customers around the world.
“Customers can view the complete listing of lithium products now available from Optima
on www.optimachem.com,” Mr. Williams noted. He went on to explain that at the upcoming
Informex show, taking place on February 16?19 at the Moscone Convention Center in San
Francisco, Optima will be presenting their new lithium product line?up. He pointed out that
Optima is a longstanding member of SOCMA. “Optima technical experts and executives will
be on hand to discuss customized manufacturing opportunities and other related issues,”
he said.
Among those Optima executives is Doug Cochran, Vice President of Business Development,
Optima Chemical Group LLC, a former FMC Lithium executive. Mr. Cochran stated, “The
lithium products purchased or licensed from FMC Lithium are the ideal fit for Optima,
perfectly complementing our contract manufacturing expertise.”
Optima Chemical is a substantial source for contract manufacturing, custom synthesis and
boronic acid derivatives. Its growing line includes substituted alkyl and aryl boronic acids
that meet the demands for Suzuki coupling reactions.
For more information, please call Optima Chemical Group, Customer Service at 1?912?384?
2699 or email at [email protected]
For more information on Charkit Chemical Corporation, please contact Shawn McManus in
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